Otherworldly and Vibrant Murals by Aaron Glasson

aaron glasson 9
(A collaboration with Celeste Byers)

Aaron Glasson‘s murals, though surreal and vibrant in an otherworldly feeling, are firmly grounded in reality, frequently depicting actual people and their personal travels. The artist, born in New Zealand and living in the U.S., crafts murals across the world, in addition to work in gallery and illustration paintings. He cites his themes as “relationship to the natural environment, community empowerment and education, indigenous consciousness, the subconscious, and the hidden.” Several of his recent murals are collaborations with celebrity Celeste Byers.

aaron glasson 1

Each of those murals such as the top piece has their narratives.
Here’s Glasson’s writing on this lady:

“The woman depicted is Doña Margarita dressed in her Mayan Ipil. Beside her is a Saber-tooth Tiger that dwelt in the area long ago whose bones have been found in a nearby cenoté. Just 50 years ago the property of Cancun was a dense jungle, inhabited by Mayans for thousands of years. The painting is about the ever-changing nature of where these apartments sit and the life which has dwelled there.”

aaron glasson 2
(A collaboration with Aec Interesnikazki)
aaron glasson 3
(A collaboration with Celeste Byers)
aaron glasson 4
(A collaboration with Celeste Byers)
aaron glasson 6
(A collaboration with Celeste Byers)
aaron glasson 5
aaron glasson 7
(A collaboration with Celeste Byers)