Mykonos: Where to eat and stay cheap

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Photo by Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

Primary Considerations

Well, we all must admit it. No matter where we live and no matter how much money enters our bank account every week, we love to vacation. More specifically, places like islands are always on top of our priority list despite the fact that we may not come from such a coastal place. How about exploring then the most famous of the Greek islands, Mykonos? We can take a look at various restaurants and taverns so that we are aware of the best diners. Following, why not check out some lovely places that offer top-notch amenities? I am about to discuss on the cheapest and most of the options available. Please keep in mind though that Mykonos is not the most low-priced place on Earth so you may need to eat humble pie on certain occasions. Enough said; let’s start with the recommendations.


Affordable Diners

To begin with, in general, the most touristic the area, the higher the charging rates. If you feel like having some fast food like pita gyros or souvlakia that are really popular in Greece you can try Saki’s Grill House or Goody’s Burger House. They are both situated in Mykonos Chora and offer great Greek flavors. The first one is open from 9 am till 2 am and is the most famous one in its category all around the island. A pita will cost you about 3-4 euros and a salad starts at 6-7 euros. It’s highly suggested for its kind and fast service as well as for its quality menu. However, be aware of the fact that’s it’s really crowded almost every hour of the day. Moving on with Goody’s Burger House, it’s another decent choice when it comes to convenience food. It’s also located downtown and offers a wide variety of burgers, club sandwiches, etc. at affordable prices. It’s distinguished for the kindheartedness of the waiters and waitresses over and above its well-organized services and function. It’s open from 9 am on weekdays till 1 am at night. It will cost from 8-15 euros to enjoy your lunch or dinner there. It goes without saying that you can just enjoy a cup of coffee for less.


Reasonably Priced Lodging

Yeah, I know what you might be now thinking. That the above title is misleading and that there is no such place in Mykonos. But guess what? There is! To tell you the truth all you have to do is take a close search. Don’t worry. I’ve already done so for you! So, for a start, if you travel under a pretty restricted budget, then organized camping seems like an ideal option. According to travelers’ reviews, the best one is the Paraga Beach Hostel & Camping. It will cost you about 12 euros per person a night and it offers free Wi-Fi. It’s one kilometer away from the beach, too. Nevertheless, if you are after something more relaxing and sophisticated, you must definitely go for chic Mykonos villas. To be more specific, Clubzak Mykonos villas are highly recommended. Among others, they include huge gardens and swimming pools along with loads and loads of exclusive services such as private helicopter tours(!) of Mykonos and nearby islands. They are much more affordable than you think. They can even cost roughly 100 euros a night per individual. Just imagine that most double bedrooms on the island cost far more 200 euros a night. You can easily realize that a villa’s location, staff and luxury promise much more than a room…

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Photo by Collins Lesulie on Unsplash