Photographer Christoper Eaton Captured Magnificent Formation of Antelope Canyon and Canyon X

Photographer Christoper Eaton catches the carved-out attractiveness of Arizona‘s favorite landforms. These include Antelope Canyon along with the neighboring Canyon X.

Situated in Arizona, these narrow and deep landforms are carved over centuries. Notably because of flash flooding, racing water has eroded the rock to one-of-a-kind formations with sweeping and smooth shapes. “Although these slot canyons are thrown into several different geological layers of limestone and sandstone,” Eaton describes, “it’s the Navajo sandstone, made by the petrified dunes of a big Jurassic desert very similar to the Sahara Desert of now, that frequently become the wealthiest canvas for its flash flooding to split their masterpieces through. All these canyons become otherworldly sculptures of rock that gradually evolve.”

In his set of canyon photos, Eaton catches the settings from creative angles and through different times of the day. In some pictures, stars have been displayed sparkling above the cracks; yet in other words, a beam of sunlight shines throughout the out-of-frame narrow ruptures. This luminous phenomenon is very inspirational to Eaton. “Deep in the lower slot of Canyon X, the sunlight only penetrates into the sea floor to get a very brief period around the Summer Solstice,” that he clarifies. Its very last hurrah can be understood in a remote room via a low arch at the lake’s wall.” This diverse approach to shooting the canyons culminates in a single body of work that exemplifies the rich diversity and gorgeous scenery found in the favorite websites.