How to Use Accessories to Transform a Room

Photo by Andrea Davis

After a while, it’s only natural that we get a bit tired of looking at the same old walls every day. That’s why a periodic bout of redecorating has become such a popular way to spend the weekend. But you needn’t break out the rollers and paint to have a room looking vibrant and revitalised: with the addition (or subtraction) of a few choice accessories, it’s possible to generate an entirely different mood for your interior space. But exactly how might we go about the task? Let’s take a look.


One thing that’s guaranteed to add personality to a space is a judiciously-selected work of art. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of artwork online. You might go for a print inspired by your favourite TV show, a photo-print of flowers or an animal, or something entirely more abstract. The more unique your choice of artwork, the more distinctive your space will be.


A little bit of greenery can add much-needed character to an otherwise sterile space. Houseplants not only look fantastic, but they also oxygenate the air, and provide some much-needed fragrance. Plants work well in several different locations. A few low-lying succulents can work well on coffee tables and bookshelves, where they won’t interfere with sightlines around the room. Larger plants can be positioned in corners and hallways. If you want to incorporate fresh herbs into your adventures in the kitchen, then place them on a south-facing windowsill, where they can soak in sunlight, and provide the room with a touch of natural elegance.


As the saying goes, the right rug can make a room – just as the wrong rug can break it. Go for something which bridges all of the disparate styles at work in the space, and which covers enough of your floor that it becomes a central, integral part of it, rather than just a floating island of fabric. If you’re planning on bringing in entirely new furniture, then you might consider investing in a quality rug first, and then building everything else around it. You can pick up quality items from Cox & Cox.


The look of your room, especially at night-time, is determined largely by lighting. That means choosing the right lighting fixtures, but also placing them in such a way that the light fills the room. A single, central light can cast harsh shadows in a room that’s filled with furniture. But we can break this up with the help of smaller lamps that’ll fill up the corner spaces, and with mirrors that’ll diffuse the light into every nook and cranny.


If you want to lift your room with a dash of opulence, then swapping out fabrics is a fantastic way to do it. You’d be amazed at how drastic the transformation can be, even if you hold other factors like colour and lighting roughly constant. Velvet is enjoying a resurgence at the moment, but if you want to play it slightly safer, leather is a classic choice.