Artist Creates Large Abstract Floral Paintings Exploding with Color

Vancouver-based artist Bobbie Burgers paints magnificent blooms that seem to animatedly burst with each brushstroke. Represented in an abstract style, her flowery compositions capture varied color palettes and the exceptional beauty shown by other groups of blooms along with bouquets.

While these mediums are nothing new in the amazing world of art, Burgers manages to transform conventional flower depictions together with her delightfully distinctive fashion into creative and contemporary works of art. Without resorting to clear-cut realism almost entirely abstracted, her floral paintings imply the contours as well as colors of bouquets. The result?

Though she is celebrated for her large-scale depictions (who can say no to 7-foot blooms?), Burgers, also, has begun to dabble in smaller creations. In addition to “teeny tiny prints,” she also makes scaled-down oil paintings, collages that are small, and miniature mixed-media drawings. You can see these small scale pieces alongside her well-known floral paintings on her garden-themed Instagram.