Angry Motors BMW R80 T63 Custom Motorcycle

Inventory 1989 BMW R80 RT is a touring bicycle using a huge front-end that’€™s been used in very a few places as a police cruiser. Turn it into a minimalist work of art with their T63 and Angry Motors out of Switzerland managed to consider that boxy and sturdy base bike. Within the course of nearly fifteen straight days (350 hrs complete spread across a yr) of ‘€œpassion, function, beer, sweat and songs’,€ the 1989 BMW R80 RT was stripped to the bone, powder-coated, painted and rebuilt from the ground up using only the absolute necessities or bespoke components (custom tail, leather seat, hand grips, etc.). The completed T63 bike, so-named for the beefy Michelin T63 tires, is a murdered out beast that’s almost military in its build precision and spartan detailing.

h/t coolmaterial