Why Upgrading Your Car Is A Good Investment

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If a new car is on the cards in your life sometime soon, then you should consider upgrading to a newer and better car rather than a used one because of the many benefits that you will reap. Money might not be something that you can throw around, but making the investment into buying a better a newer car will certainly be a good one, and here’s why.


Oddly, insurance premiums tend to be lower for newer cars because of the features that they are fitted with. Here’s a list of features which will drive down your insurance premium; therefore saving you money in the long run:

  • Dash cameras will reduce your insurance because you will be able to prove that you weren’t the driver that was in the wrong.
  • ABS as a feature on your car will lower your premium because you’re less likely to skid off the road and crash your car.
  • Parking sensors and blind spot detection will lower your insurance because there are sensors fitted within your car which will alert you to any dangers that are close; meaning you’re less likely to damage your car and claim from the insurance company.
  • Safety features have improved dramatically in the automotive industry over the last century, so newer cars are likely to be safer to drive; therefore making your insurance premium much lower.


The amount of tax that you pay on your vehicle often largely depends on how many emissions it’s giving off. The more environmentally friendly you car is, the less you will be paying on tax. Older cars aren’t fitted with technology that can reduce your carbon footprint, and are often gas guzzling machines and that’s why the price of taxing an older car is higher. A newer car however will cost you much less. So if you’re considering scrapping a car of yours, think about the emissions of your next car so that you can pay less on your tax! Taking your old car to the scrap will also make you a small amount of money depending on the weight of your old car. This money could possibly be put towards the deposit for your new car!

Looks great

One thing that isn’t a necessary part of having a car, but it’s certainly a bonus is that the newer your car is, the better it will make you look. Having a more expensive car will turn heads as you drive around town. Also, the hard work that you have done to be able to afford your new car will be worth the while when you feel and look fantastic in your new car.


While there are many reasons to hold onto a cheaper car or to buy second hand, taking the leap and making the investment into buying a newer car will certainly be worth your while. So the next time you’re thinking about getting another car, consider investing in a more expensive vehicle and reap the benefits it brings!