Creative agency imperial leisure explores various functions of a creative agency

Recently I have discovered an informative and interesting blog post by a creative agency. A creative agency with the name of imperial leisure took the challenges of writing about the various functions of an agency.

When it comes to understanding their work one needs to understand the basics of their work and the various functions. Social media agency tends to perform in a similar style. These agencies are of different sizes and cadre but all perform in a more or less similar fashion. A small group of people has to perform all the functions in an agency. But as the company grows they recruit more people for specific tasks. That blog mentioned that these agencies make departments and the entire set of the team perform as per the requirement of the campaign. This is how imperial leisure informs about the roles and responsibilities of an agency. 

Account creation services

This is the primary function of a creative agency. They bring new accounts for the firm. This comprises a team of executives, managers, and directors. It is their task to look for new and prospective clients. This unit is instrumental in aligning internal departments with clients. And this is why their task becomes a lot more important. This is by and large the marketing department of the agency. They are always inclined towards bringing fresh business for the company.

Research Wing

This comprises of the research department and thinking department of the company. The team comprises researchers and managers. They have to play an important role in an agency they are to provide strategic direction, workable consumer insights, and research findings to the advertisement campaign. This aids the advertising campaign to stay focus on the target and do the best for the brand. This department is instrumental in maintaining order in mounting an advertising crusade. An effectual advertisement is for eternity characteristics. This function theater a critical role in serving a campaign achieves this.


The workforce is the fuel of any creative agency. Their entire task is based on the brain their employees put in the engagement. The talent of the workforce is the biggest possession of the creative agency. They earn their profits by utilizing the talent of the employee. And this is the unit that develops the product. The commercial a creative department of an agency prepares determines the efficacy of an agency. Hence it is extremely important to recruit employees with an appropriate set of skills. This is a potent team-building exercise. These are those well-organized group of people who work to convert an idea into a campaign.

This blog by Imperial leisure mentions that art directors and copywriters are a core team in agencies. Then they start to build the team as per the need of the engagement. This can be done by picking the talent from internal resources or external resources. When an engagement needs a talent that is not present in the company, then this department works in coordination with the human resource unit. They recruit the most appropriate talent for the engagement.

Finance and Accounts 

This is again a crucial function of a creative agency. Everything comes down to the profits and it is the prime responsibility of the business to generate profits for the firm. This function is the epicenter of all the monetary deal a firm goes through in a financial year. They are needed to maintain proper communication with all the departments in play. It is their responsibility as a team for collecting the required money from the client. Mostly client has to pay the amount as per the schedule of developing the engagement. Then after receiving the funds, they approve the production team to align their forces on the engagement. They are responsible to lay out plans for short term and long term financial requirements of the firm. From salaries to travel allowances, they have to keep an eye on everything. Thus this function of a creative agency enjoys unparalleled significance in an agency. 

Liaoning unit

When you have everything about your advertising campaign in place then it becomes important to look for spaces. These spaces are nothing but the avenues wherein you are going to out the commercial of your clients. This unit is responsible for cracking the deals with space sellers. This unit contact radio partners, TV channels or other physical spaces for advertisement. They are known to work in synchronization with the creative team. They try to gather the concept of the clients and the money they would like to shell out for the advertisement. This is indispensable to settle the advertising avenues you need to acquire for a particular engagement.

Production unit 

It is their responsibility to prepare the advertising campaign. An idea remains only an idea unless these people make it real. After the deal in settled the creative team blows all guns blazing in collaboration with the production team. They tend to focus on the important aspects of the advertising campaign. They need to keep an eye on the allocated budget as well. Now they hire the right team as per the concept. They hire from outside the firm as well. They can hire on a contractual basis as well. Sometimes they work in collaboration with the HR team to hire talent from outside.

HR Department

They are the workforce planner for the firm. It is their job to recruit the appropriate talent for the social media agency. As the creative agency is based on the skills of the manpower, thus their job role becomes much more important. The concerned blog mentions that the major task of this department is to hire the right talent for the agency. It becomes their task to look after the employees from recruitment to their assignment allotment and well being. They get into organizations and human resource development activities as well.

The blog post of Imperial leisure must have given a brief idea about the functions that a creative agency is based on. And it shows how these units work collectively to make engagement successful.