Alexander Korzer-Robinson

a man sitting on a table

Alexander Korzer-Robinson is an artist who engages in the classic technique of collage, developing a deep and personal journey to craft story-rich scenes on a miniature scale. He takes old books and breathes new life into them, offering both a celebration and a dissection of yearning for the past.

Our histories are pieced together from snippets of what has happened, interwoven with intentional memory and inadvertent forgetting. Korzer-Robinson's art is a representation of this complex mosaic that shapes the mental terrains we inhabit.

By starting with materials that have a history, such as pre-loved books, he is confined within their original limits but transforms them into something beyond their initial intent. Encyclopedias are reinvented as portals to worlds that reflect not the external universe but our internal tapestry of remembrances. Books that have been rendered obsolete by the relentless march of time find a renewed calling. They transition from being sources of external knowledge to tools for self-discovery.

In crafting his book sculptures, he methodically works through a volume, carefully cutting around certain illustrations and excising others. He composes a scene solely from the imagery present within the book itself.

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