Andrew Whyte

Landscape astrophotography by Andrew Whyte made possible by the pin-sharp resolution and defocusing capabilities of Sony’s 70-200 G Master lens

Photography is all about light so shooting long exposures at night is one of the art’s most challenging & rewarding styles.

Not only is it an opportunity to express oneself creatively, but it’s also an ideal platform to develop one’s manual camera skills: once the sun’s gone down there’s no hiding behind a camera’s “Auto” modes. As such, many photographers dabble with long exposures and light painting as they look to expand their techniques and find a niche.

Me? I never moved on.

With the darkness of night as a backdrop, I create original photographs using cutting-edge equipment, innovative techniques & tools and the oldest resource of all: time. 

Removing the split-second constraints of daytime photography gives me the freedom to work with a range of styles on location- from creating abstract light art to capturing the majesty of the night sky. 

I’ve been privileged to share my passion first hand at events from local camera club nights to national conferences. My images and technique insights have appeared widely in the media ranging from daily papers to specialist photography titles.

Mostly I let my images do the talking, but sometimes kind words come from the people I’ve worked with:

“Andrew Whyte is a low light maestro, the perfect man to pass on need-to-know tips.”
digital SLR User magazine

“…an experimental light painter with more ideas for pictures than you’ve had hot dinners.”
Advanced Photographer magazine

“Light painting genius.”
N-Photo magazine

Away from the challenges of long exposure photography, I’m the guy behind Legography– a daily over-the-shoulder look at life as a camera-toting minifigure. As an exploration of technical possibility, the series is shot, processed & shared exclusively from my smartphone.

Whatever your project, I’m available for commercial commissions across the UK and beyond. I’m also keen to explore partnerships with other creative practitioners.

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