Art director

woman in black dress standing near green plant

Art Director is someone who has a variety of job functions in theater, advertising, marketing, and publishing. They are also found in film and television as well as the internet. A video game art director chooses what type of background to use for games such as Fortnite or Call Of Duty based on what might look better visually from one landscape to another; it's their responsibility that the player gets immersed into this virtual world with graphics so realistic you can't tell where reality ends and fake begins!

An Art Director may work at an ad agency designing ads for magazines or they could be working freelance doing graphic design projects like logos or branding designs. It can take years before becoming successful enough to make a living off just being creative which is why many go on to gather a degree in Art or Design. Art directors are usually responsible for making sure the client's needs are met and may work on only small parts of projects themselves while overseeing a team carrying out their ideas. Art directors also help with project tracking, budgets, timelines, and other aspects that keep their projects running smoothly. Art directors may create simple pencil sketches at the beginning of projects and then hand them off to artists who execute the vision of what they created.

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