vincent van gogh self portrait painting on wall

Art can be anything which gives expression to human emotions; this article focuses on painting specifically but the principles are consistent across any media form including sculpture or print making in addition to photography among others such visual mediums being considered by artists throughout history when they come up with new ways of telling their stories through pictures.

The beauty lies not necessarily just within what we see – our imagination allows us achieve even greater heights during times of contemplation staring out of a window. The beauty is in our interpretation because life is about the pursuit of happiness, which is determined by how well you’re living your life. For many individuals art can be used as an outlet to express their thoughts and emotions regarding themselves or the greater community – it’s therapeutic for some people who who chose this craft so they can paint their anger and frustration onto a canvas to release all of the negative energy they carry within themselves. Some artists may use art as an expression of their love for other human beings, while others speak through paintings about how much they detest a situation or group of people. Art is a way to approach any subject which leaves you confused let’s say you’re studying history and you have a million questions about the world back then how was this evil dude able to do all of these bad things? but maybe learning about abstract art is something that interests you so painting a picture with your current level of knowledge and understanding of what’s going on in the outer world may be just what you need to find some clarity within the complexity which is the world.

Visual art is a way of interpreting values, thoughts, emotions and different ideas through visual means allowing for this creative outlet to help reinforce your abilities in communicating these ideas to other people who have yet to comprehend what you are trying so desperately to get across . There are many ways in which an individual can be creative and express their thoughts and ideas, you could write a poem which has no picture but the words paint such a vivid picture in your mind allowing you to explain what you see however artists like to express themselves through visual art providing that an audience who is looking at the painting may learn something new or be able to understand another human being’s perception.

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