two gold bitcoins

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency that was created in 2008. It's been used for trading and exchanging goods since its inception, but it wasn't until Satoshi Nakamoto - an anonymous figure who went by the pseudonym of "Satoshi" when he introduced Bitcoin during Christmas time of 2009 with his idea on how this new form could be majorly boosted following what happened to America's housing market within two years later: crashing hard after nobody would buy mortgages anymore because prices had fallen so low across most states as well being facing another huge worldwide recession called The Great Recession (2008). Since then bitcoin has spread far without bounds all over earth thanks largely due mostly BC traders' desire for anonymous transactions, and so it has become one of the first widely used digital currencies.

It's not difficult to see why Bitcoin took off so fast, even with its price initially shooting up to $1 USD by February 2011 then crashing down just as quickly over the next months reaching $2 USD that summer. This is because people were able to buy and sell things at tremendous speeds making transactions across the world completely untraceable, since they would use a new Bitcoin address for each trade. In fact, there is no way of tracing transactions anymore as every single one made using this currency is remembered only by an address of 26-35 letters and numbers long at any given time. A person could use the same address as many times as they like and it would still be completely untraceable.

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