Brad Wilson

  • Brad Wilson, an American artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is celebrated for his "Affinity" series featuring studio portraits of wild animals.
  • His transition from commercial portrait photography to fine-art animal portraiture marked a significant shift in his career.
  • Wilson's work emphasizes the intimate connection between humans and the natural world, urging a deeper environmental consciousness.
  • His respect for his subjects and focus on endangered species highlight the urgency of wildlife conservation.
  • The "Affinity" series has gained international recognition and has been included in the permanent collection of the New Mexico Museum of Art.

Brad Wilson, an American artist residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has redefined the realm of wildlife photography with his extraordinary series “Affinity”. His journey, which began over two decades ago in New York City, transformed from commercial portrait photography to a profound exploration of the natural world. In 2010, Wilson embarked on a groundbreaking project, turning his lens away from humans to the captivating realm of wild animals.

The Affinity Series: A New Perspective on Wildlife Photography

Wilson’s “Affinity” is not just a series of wildlife images; it's a pioneering form of animal portraiture that challenges traditional boundaries. These photographs are more than mere snapshots of wildlife; they are intimate portraits that capture the essence of each subject. The uniqueness of “Affinity” lies in its ability to transport viewers into a world governed by instinct and intuition, a stark contrast to our urbanized, digital existence.

The Art of Connection: Intimacy in Wildlife Portraiture

Wilson's technique involves eliminating all distractions, allowing the animals to emerge vividly from a deep black background, creating a sense of proximity and intimacy rarely experienced in wildlife photography. This approach not only showcases the animals in stunning detail but also prompts a deeper reflection on our human condition and our connection to the natural world.

Conservation through the Lens: Advocacy for Endangered Species

A significant aspect of Wilson’s work is his respect and advocacy for the animals he photographs, particularly those endangered. His hope is that these images serve as ambassadors for their species, reinforcing our intrinsic link to nature and the importance of conservation. Through "Affinity", Wilson not only awakens our environmental consciousness but also underscores our role in the complex web of life.

Global Recognition and Impact

Wilson's work has gained significant acclaim, with features in prestigious platforms such as Audubon, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, and Vogue Italia. The inclusion of his photographs in the permanent collection of the New Mexico Museum of Art in 2021 stands as a testament to his impact and contribution to both the art and conservation worlds.

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