CJ Hendry

Catherine Jenna Hendry (born 1988) is a contemporary Australian artist known for her hyper-realistic, large-scale renderings of luxury objects. These drawings are done with self-developed scribbling techniques and life-like shading to create the illusion that they are three-dimensional. She studied architecture at Queensland University of Technology before dropping out in 2013 to pursue art full time in Brisbane Australia where she had grown up as well as lived prior to moving abroad permanently after living there temporarily from 2014 - 2015 while studying finance at the University of Queensland.

Hendry's work initially began as a hobby, but she is quickly becoming an art sensation. Hendry possesses no formal training in the arts and considers herself "not very creative." Her works are primarily hyper-realistic drawings of luxury items that take anywhere from 200 hours to complete. She achieves these pieces by scribbling over wet ink on paper with her pen until it becomes just right-- occasionally requiring up to 5 or 6 different pens for various textures within one illustration! In addition, Hendry credits social media sites like Instagram for giving rise to her fame; after all, who can forget when RM Williams boots sold at auction last year?

In 2016 Hendry expanded her practice with the launch of a collaboration with fashion house Christian Louboutin. The resulting exhibition held in Hong Kong as part of 2017 Art Basel marked Hendry's first time working with color and wax pencils- it was an incredible experience for both artist and audience alike! "Color is very difficult because you've got to use multiple different colors to create one," explained Henrey after opening up about how much labor goes into each piece. It doesn't matter if they're black or white; every single stroke requires meticulous attention from start to finish until finally reaching that perfect shade.

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