Creative Review

Creative Review is a monthly magazine that reviews the commercial art and design scene. It has about 20,000 readers at any given moment in time. The content focuses on media originating from the United Kingdom, Europe, or even the United States which showcases some of their best contemporary advertising designs with illustrations for every occasion such as ads we see when browsing through magazines or television commercials; new media like YouTube videos showcasing artwork by famous artists who have been commissioned to do so; photography exhibits featuring work done outdoors in natural landscapes; typography being used creatively throughout advertisements seen all over billboards.

Creative review was launched back in 1980 and now features submissions from both UK-based designers but also those based anywhere else around the world - be it France's Gallo Magazine (which Creative Review says is the "most prestigious publication for designers" in France), other art and design colleges outside of London such as Creative Review's sister magazine Central Saint Martins University, or even from Taiwan where they have an edition of Creative review published locally with content translated in their native language. Creative Review also has a separate website that features higher quality images than what was seen in the actual magazine; this site can be accessed at

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