Eduardo Kobra

Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra utilizes bright colors and bold lines while staying true to a kaleidoscope theme throughout his artwork. The method of repeating squares and triangles enables him to bring to life the famous people he enjoys in his pictures. This checkered routine, filled with different textures, lines, and shading, builds up to Eduardo Kobra’s final masterpiece, a larger than life mural for all to see and marvel at.

Eduardo Kobra’s ability to achieve photorealism when keeping his playful, color theme is fantastic, which makes for a dramatic contrast to the atmosphere it is placed in. Especially, his adorable use of brushes, airbrush, and spray cans function as a means of bringing to life notable figures from the past, emphasizing their authentic dignified character and attractiveness. Eduardo Kobra has also used a darker color palette in a few of his works while preserving that magnificent air of attractiveness in throughout his work. You can not help but feel a feeling of nostalgia while studying his inventions, taking you back to a time when those individuals existed. The capability to recreate art that taps into people and eras ago is a true talent given to Kobra that is purely remarkable.

Deviating from prominent figures, Eduardo Kobra has also stayed true to the everyday human subject, maintaining his bold color use to attract these people to light in his functions. Within the same vein, his use of black and white pictures are breathtaking when placed against his colorful checkered backgrounds. Eduardo Kobra’s works are truly a labor of love, with all methodical grid planning and masterful shading and swirling consequences to finish massively-scaled portraits that are typically done on buildings, walls, and murals. Nevertheless, historical figures are Eduardo Kobra’s strong suit, evoking memories of moments ago that still resonates with audiences today.