Fanni Sandor

Fanni Sandor is a 39-year old Hungarian artist who creates miniature animals that are so realistic, they're hard to tell apart from the real thing. Fanni has been making miniatures for years but only recently decided to go into it full time after having kids.
Born in Hungary, she studied biology and worked on various nature conservation projects before turning her attention to miniaturizing animals at the age of six. She's inspired by nature-based subjects and likes creating lifelike replicas of plants as well as animal figures, including her favorite: elephants!

“In my twenties, I saw professional miniaturists’ work for the first time through the internet. I was completely fascinated,” recalled the artist. “I realized there are a lot of miniature lovers who live around the world, and some of them are making miniatures at an artistic level. That was the point when I decided I wanted to be a professional miniaturist and I wanted to make art with my works.”

She sculpts animals in detail, without the use of any mold or other materials like clay or wax. All her sculptures are made out of polymer clay and handcrafted, with utmost attention to realism and details. Her work has gotten so good that it fooled people online who thought they were looking at photos of life-size creatures instead!

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