Free People


Free People, a subsidiary of the renowned Urban Outfitters, represents more than just a retail clothing store. Founded in 1984, it has evolved into a fashion statement that resonates with contemporary style and freedom of expression. With 42 locations as of April 2011, Free People continues to expand its influence in the world of retail and fashion.

The Essence of Free People

Unleashing Creativity through Fashion

Free People is not just about selling clothes; it’s a canvas for personal expression. Their collections are known for their bohemian, eclectic styles that cater to the free-spirited. Whether it’s a vintage-inspired dress or a modern-chic top, each piece tells a story of creativity and individuality.

Fashion for the Adventurous Soul

Targeting the young and the young-at-heart, Free People’s apparel is for those who dare to be different. Their clothing line encourages customers to experiment with their style, to step out of their comfort zones, and to make bold fashion statements.

Sustainability and Ethical Fashion

In an era where sustainability is crucial, Free People has taken steps to ensure that their fashion not only looks good but also does good. They have incorporated sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes and are continually exploring eco-friendly materials and methods.

Free People and Urban Outfitters: A Synergistic Relationship

Being a part of the Urban Outfitters family has allowed Free People to leverage a network of expertise in fashion retail. This synergy has facilitated innovation and growth, enabling Free People to maintain its unique identity while benefiting from Urban Outfitters’ vast experience.

The Evolution of Free People

From its inception in 1984, Free People has undergone significant transformations. Initially focused on catering to the young women of Philadelphia, it has now become a global brand. The evolution of its style, from boho-chic to modern eclectic, reflects the changing trends and tastes of its clientele.

Free People’s Online Presence

Embracing Digital Trends

With the rise of e-commerce, Free People has adeptly transitioned to the digital realm. Their website,, is not just an online store but a portal into the world of Free People, offering an immersive experience into their fashion ethos.

Social Media and Community Engagement

Free People’s engagement with its community through social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube has created a strong, interactive online presence. They understand the power of digital storytelling and utilize these platforms to showcase their collections and inspire their audience.

Conclusion: The Future of Free People

As Free People continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to its core values of freedom, creativity, and individual expression. Its blend of unique fashion offerings, ethical practices, and digital savviness positions it well for the future in the ever-changing world of retail and fashion.

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