Gregory Grozos

I am Gregory Grozos - a miniature artist. I call my creations 'miniature worlds' because that is what I exactly aim them to be. I try to make each work as detailed and complete as a tiny world would need to be in order to be called a world.

All the themes and ideas are my own and many of my works can be broadly categorized as steampunk, fantasy and whimsical in style. I pay a lot of attention to fine detail, trying to bring to a harmonious combination many tiny bits and materials that come from a variety of unlikely sources.

I also practice a traditional Chinese practice called Falun Dafa, which emphasizes the improvement of one's character according to the principles truth, kindness and tolerance. This practice has had a fundamental effect on how I see the world, my development as a person and how I view my role as an artist.

I believe that art is a field of human culture which has tremendous power in affecting people. I thus try to bring out what is positive, bright and wholesome in my art, making it into something which can have the capacity of benefiting, inspiring and helping others. Seeing things in this way has opened up a completely new field of ideas, creativity and an enthusiasm to improve my skills, techniques and knowledge.

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