Henry Hargreaves

Instead of describing myself in the third person, below are some answers to questions regularly coming up in interviews. Hope these give you a better insight into my process…

Where did you grow up and how did you get into photography?

I grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand and studied from pre school all the way to University there. Photography was always a hobby but I never studied it. When I began working in fashion in the early 2000’s I wanted to be the guy calling the shots behind the camera, so literally went out and brought a camera and began to play and see if I could get this thing to take nice pictures.

You spent 4 years as a high fashion model: how your behind the camera work has been affected by your modeling expertise?

Although I shoot very different subject matter there are a lot of lighting techniques and tricks I picked up and a sense of balance within a composition

Many of your series are collaborations, why is this?

Primarily it’s more fun to work with someone but I also think a lot of the time the work will turn out better. It’s great to have someone to challenge your ideas and who can compliment your skills. I feel a successful collaboration blurs the lines between specific roles, the photographer can become the artist/stylist and vice versa. When you get out of your comfort zone thats when you learn and unexpected surprises arise.

You seem to be “affected” by the cardinal sin of childhood: playing with food. Why do you have developed such a mouth watering artistic obsession?I always worked in the food industry before being able to be a full time photographer. I was fascinated about peoples requests and what they ordered said about their character and personality. I try to bring this idea into my work by showing the connections visually.
Say something about your process, how do you go about creating your work?

It’s very simple, I create visuals that appeal to me. Ideas can come from anyplace and usually if it makes me laugh or keeps coming back to my mind without writing it down I feel I should try to make it. Once I decide to execute something the only hurdle is my own motivation.

What would be your last meal and why? And if you were a pop star, what would you like to bring with you in your dressing room?
I couldn’t stomach any food if i knew I was going to die but if I was a famous rock star I’d want Miller High Life beer, oatmeal and raisin cookies and fresh fruit plate

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