Jason Chen

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Jason Chen‘s artistry is not just a mere display of photographic skills; it is an exploration into the depths of time, movement, and transformation. In 2012, he embarked on a remarkable journey, transitioning from his established work in dry plate tintypes to an innovative process known as photo weaving. This novel technique involves meticulously weaving together two distinct images of the same subject, creating a tapestry that captures the essence of change and evolution.

Fragments: A Culmination of Vision and Craft

The pinnacle of Chen‘s artistic evolution was showcased in his 2015 solo exhibition, “Fragments,” at Paradigm Gallery. This exhibition was a landmark event, presenting for the first time a comprehensive collection of his photo weaving works. Each piece in “Fragments” narrates a unique story of time and metamorphosis, reflecting Chen’s mastery in blending traditional photography with contemporary methods.

The Artist’s Roots and Professional Milestones

Hailing from Guangzhou, China, Jason Chen’s journey in the arts began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation from the University of Arts in 2008. Based in Philadelphia, Chen has since carved a niche for himself in various photographic genres, including fashion, editorial, and alternative process photography. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his roles as the Co-Founder of Paradigm Gallery + Studio and Juggling Wolf, a film and animation production studio.

Exhibitions and Acclaim: A Testament to Mastery

Chen’s works have graced numerous galleries and venues, including Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Crane Arts, The Light Room Gallery, Trust Gallery, Kimmel Center, and Commerce Square. His unique approach to art has garnered attention from esteemed platforms such as Hi-Fructose, Colossal, and PetaPixel, highlighting his impact on contemporary photography and visual arts.

A Legacy of Innovation and Artistry

Jason Chen’s transition to photo weaving is more than a shift in technique; it represents a profound exploration of life’s impermanence and beauty. His work challenges viewers to see beyond the surface, to delve into the interplay of time, movement, and change. As his art continues to evolve, Chen remains a pivotal figure in the world of modern photography and visual storytelling.

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