Luca Arena

Luca Arena (1988) was born on the first day of Spring at 9:30. He is color-blind since 29 years and every day trying to get over it. He studied economics and marketing at the University of Pisa, and during his free time he travels and takes photographic reports.
Very attached to the theme of colors and their perception in the environment, he loves to photograph buildings and windows, focusing on the lines and on the geometries.
For his photographs, he is inspired by the paintings by Edward Hopper, David Hockney, and Mark Rothko, as well as photographs by Luigi Ghirri and Josef Hoflehner. He has several personal and collective exhibitions. His recent work “Impersonalism: Tenerife” was presented to the public with a personal exhibition at Spazio 32 in La Spezia, the cultural reference site of Fondazione Carispezia.




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