Matthew Lyn

Matthew Lyn has struggled for the past few years about the direction of his life. His thoughts have often returned to helping others, and making a real difference in the world. The fashion and entertainment industry has the unfortunate consequence of perpetuating artificial stereotypes; beauty is more important than intelligence, slim is better than not, and being judged on what we wear and how we look.

Matthew's self-reflection led him to ask himself how long - and how many times - he had been guilty of these superficial ideologies. In an effort to give back to his community, Matthew's journey will aim to help those around him realize that there are no boundaries when it comes our aspirations or goals in life. Matthew will be donating a substantial portion of his profits to charities, and he has decided to use photography - an art Matthew is passionate about - as a means of changing the world. Matthew is combining his passion for creating images with a dream that one day everyone will realize there are no boundaries when it comes to our aspirations or goals in life.

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