Matthew Lyn

I’ve struggled for the past few years about the direction of my life. I have often thought about giving back to the community, helping others, and making a real difference in the world. The fashion and entertainment industry has the unfortunate consequence of perpetuating artificial stereotypes; beauty is more important than intelligence, slim is better than not, and being judged on what we wear and how we look. The list really does go on. I looked at myself and asked how long, and how many times, had I perpetuated these superficial ideologies. I needed to refocus and make a change. I started with transforming my business model to benefit local and international charities. Changing the world through photography – an art I am passionate about – is possible. I will be combining my passion as a creative artist with a dream to help the world. It could be as simple as taking a portrait, taking a series of images for magazines, or doing major advertising projects. Now, no matter what I do, the goal will always be the same: I will be donating a substantial portion of profits towards charities.

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