Mauro Perucchetti

Mauro Peruchetti’s work is a combination of Minimalism and Pop, fused together with the elegance and an ironic wit that seem typical of a particular kind of Italian sensibility.
For example, one of the primary symbols would be that the Jelly Baby — somewhat sweet in basic human form, which signifies the disposability that permeates all aspects of the contemporary consumer society. He uses it to mock the aspirations this society claims it’s, but that it so often cynically betrays. That which we meet in this exhibition is a Jelly Baby converted into a giant picture of Buddha, and rows of Jelly Babies in different colors who come together to produce the design of a skyscraper — an imaginary headquarters for the United Nation in New York, slightly grander and more elegant than its current construction. Also, we fulfill a roll of toilet paper entirely covered in Swarovski crystals — as pithy a metaphor because one can imagine for useless, senseless and perhaps injurious luxury.

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