Michal Lisowski

Michal Lisowski is a Polish concept artist and an illustrator whose sturdy style was featured on advertising projects, feature films, animations and video games.

Among the most interesting projects on which he worked is a series of animations for games “Halo 4”, numerous illustrations for Ubisoft, Disney, Discovery Channel, as well as being involved in some conceptual work and colorscripts for MTV, Warner Bros. There were also some indigenous film productions as “Sala Samobójców” by Jan Komasa or “Kołysanka” by Juliusz Machulski.
Michal Lisowski ‘s works have been published in the series of books called Ballistic Publishing and in 3D Total. His true love for urban landscapes and scenes is clear in production. Moreover his corpus of artworks shows a strong love for bike, intended both as and an exploration, that he used in his render-inspired BikesofNYC trip reportage.
Although he is deeply involved in commercial ventures he tries to create independent projects and illustrations which he treats as a counterweight to the commercial ones.

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