New York (magazine)

New York is an American biweekly magazine that has been publishing since 1968. The founders, Milton Glaser and Clay Felker sought to compete with The New Yorker which was much more polite than their new publication. With the emergence of what became known as “new journalism,” they were able to establish themselves as a cradle for many amazing writers such as Tom Wolfe, Nora Ephron, John Heilemann and Frank Rich amongst others. They have always had a strong focus on culture in America but over time expanded their scope internationally including articles by Rebecca Traister who writes about feminism from her perspective both nationally and globally.

It was under Adam Moss as editor-in-chief of New York magazine that the publication began to shift its focus from local stories to more global issues.

New York Magazine, a national magazine that both covers the news and includes lifestyle features, has won more National Magazine Awards than any other publication.

New York magazine began in 1967 and, by 2009, the publication’s circulation had increased to 408,622 subscriptions with 95.8% of that coming from subscribers. Beginning in 2018, all online content became a paid service which resulted in layoffs of the company’s staff. On September 24th 2019, Vox Media announced it acquired New York Magazine from Penske Media Corporation.

“New York is a weekly magazine that has both news features and a large amount of entertainment-based articles as well,” said the Editor in Chief Adam Moss. “I think it is important to continue to challenge ourselves, even if it means questioning the very nature of what we do.” (Erlichman, 2016). The magazine has a strong reputation, both nationally and internationally, of being one of the top publications in its field.  

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