Riusuke Fukahori

Riusuke Fukahori, a well-known Japanese artist, has garnered international attention for his extraordinary works, primarily centered on the theme of goldfish, using resin and acrylic paint. "I don't identify as an artist specializing in resin, but as an artist whose muse is the goldfish," he famously quipped. The process that Fukahori employs to create his distinctive works involves a meticulous interplay of carefully poured layers of resin into various containers and the delicate painting of goldfish using acrylic paint.

His technique produces an impressive three-dimensional visual illusion, making the goldfish seem alive, as if they are swimming inside the containers. Furthermore, Fukahori's selection of everyday objects like cups and bowls as the canvas for his artworks brings a unique charm and unexpected dynamism to the mundane and ordinary.

What led Fukahori to focus on goldfish was more than mere admiration for the aquatic creatures. He found a profound symbolic representation of the restrictive conditions of contemporary society in the domestication of these fish. The goldfish, limited to the confines of their glass tanks, mirror the shackles of modern life that limit human freedom and creativity.

Despite having an abundance of live goldfish around his studio serving as a constant source of inspiration and reference, Fukahori often relies more on his own perceptions, recollections, and emotions when creating his art. He captures the beauty of both existing species of goldfish and those born from his artistic imagination, creating a fantastic blend of reality and creativity.

Adding more to Fukahori's approach and background, it's interesting to note that he discovered his signature style after experiencing a period of artistic crisis. He was drawn to the vibrant colors and graceful movement of goldfish, which led him to develop his unique resin layering technique. Furthermore, his works often reflect the traditional Japanese appreciation for nature and the country's long history of goldfish keeping, tying in cultural significance to his artistic representation.

Each of Fukahori's pieces are a testament to his patience and attention to detail. The process is time-consuming and requires immense precision - each layer of resin must be left to dry before the next is applied, and each goldfish is painted layer by layer, mimicking the way they grow in nature. This demonstrates not just his artistic talent, but also his deep understanding and appreciation of the subjects he portrays.

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