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Shade offers a unique, AI-driven way to manage and browse through your files. This innovative tool lets you visually scan and preview a vast amount of data without it ever leaving your computer. Designed as an entirely local solution, Shade enhances your ability to organize and find various file types, including photos, audio, videos, and 3D models. Our dedicated team has developed a robust system over the past six months, allowing you to search for files based on their content, not just their names.

Shade stands out from typical file explorers by prioritizing security and privacy, and by offering enhanced preview features and extensive file type support. You can view your files directly within Shade, eliminating the need to open them one by one.

Understanding that everyone's needs are different, Shade allows you to customize your experience. Whether you're focused on audio files, need detailed descriptions, or require specific features like jersey recognition for sports photography, Shade lets you choose the AI models that align with your workflow.

Above all, Shade is committed to protecting your privacy. All your data remains solely on your device, ensuring that no team member from Shade ever accesses your files. This approach guarantees that your assets and information stay private and secure, while still being easily searchable.

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