Tammy Kanat

Innovation is at the heart of Tammy Kanat’s creations. After 12 years as a jewelry designer, Tammy has diverted her artistic talents to textiles. The weaving journey began in 2011, when she enrolled into the highly reputed Australian Tapestry Workshop to learn and refine the complex skill of tapestry weaving.

Tammy’s 2014 exhibition, “The Spirit”, consisted of hand-woven wall art, vessels and sculptures which established her as an intuitive and original textile artist.  

Tammy has gained international recognition through social media for her vibrant uplifting work and has since produced commissions for local and international clients.  She believes weaving is an ever evolving and timeless art for and an enchanting way to share the impact of her surroundings.

Website: www.tammykanat.com/

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