Tiffany Bozic

Tiffany Bozic is a California artist whose work has been described as John James Audubon on acid. Her paintings evoke the tradition of tightly rendered nature illustration, which she explodes with highly emotional and surreal metaphors that provide more deeply into reality than departing from it. For instance, her artwork contains vivid shapes in shades of yellow-green color contrasted against dark backgrounds - an ode to life amid death; beautiful fauns simultaneously alive and dead while blackbirds take flight in spheres formed by their reflections off water's surface at sunset (a symbol for our interconnectedness). As human impacts continue to drive us away from natural cycles we once depended upon for sustenance or survival, Tiffany corrects this balance sheet through these awe-inspiring pieces. The artwork reflects the beauty and complexity that can be found in nature. The artist's style ranges from celebratory to difficult, creating a striking contrast with elaborate details on otherwise shining life. Her work is often made using maple panels masked by stains which she paints over with acrylic paint or watercolor before adding intricate detail; this creates an organic effect where every piece tells its own story about natural processes like death and decomposition as they percolate through her compositions. With her ornithologist husband and school-aged daughter accompanying her, Bozic spends significant time immersed in wild places - these rhythms are evident throughout all aspects of artistry ranging from detailed brushstrokes to bright colors aligned carefully amongst one another for maximum impact.

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