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In typography, a typeface is an artistic creation that has been designed to share common design features. Every single character within this set of characters will have the same weight, style, condensation, and width which makes it easy for designers or foundries to implement their work into any project without having much effort put in. You could say they’re like little helpers who make sure your vision looks exactly how you had pictured it!

The typeface is a specific weight, style, condensation, width, slant, italicization, ornamentation, etc. But it’s not the size of the typeface; typefaces are also referred to by name. So you have Helvetica Regular 12pt type and Arial Regular 9pt type (same typeface).

Typefaces come in different styles: serifs or sans-serifs. In some cases, you can combine them together for an even more sophisticated design look! ITC Serifa® with Helvita Bold™ type will create an amazing piece that stands out from the crowd as well as being very readable which is key when creating an eye-catching piece. You’ll notice this is a sans typeface with serif typefaces added for extra flavor.

This typeface has been designed using basic geometric shapes. All typefaces are born out of this idea, now that you know the secret you can create your own typeface in no time! Remember that a typeface is not the same as a font, they’re very close but separate from each other. You can have a typeface made up of many different fonts; Helvetica Regular 12pt type and Arial Regular 9pt type are two different fonts but they form part of the Helvetica type family or font family which shares common features we talked about earlier on.

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