Yin and yang

In ancient Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin-yang was used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in nature. Dualities such as female/male (light & dark), hot/cold(high level temperature difference) life versus death can all be seen through this lens because they represent two sides that give rise eventually each other when related together with their appropriate partner at any given time during our lives

The idea behind "Yin Yang" is much more complicated than just describing certain pairs but instead viewing everything existing around us - whether it's physical objects like light vs total darkness; emotions ranging from happiness down below average levels sadness up top; biological functions like night and day - as being a result of the interaction between two forces. Even in the process of trying to understand the concept, we are engaging with it!

Yin and Yang can be described as two pools of water that continuously flow into each other. There is no absolute beginning or end to either pool, but instead they are constantly interchanging. The water in each pool is never exactly the same, but is always in a state of flux.

The symbol for Yin Yang is a circle divided into two halves by a curved line. The top half is white and represents Yang, while the bottom half is black and represents Yin. The line between the two halves is said to represent the flow of energy between the two poles.

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