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5 CBD Oil Scams You Should Be Aware Of

As the CBD oil sector is booming these days there are oil scams and frauds are also developing. And it's not new every year a lot of scams rise in CBD space. As CBD has now become legal and approved in most countries, there has been an incredible increase in scams too. CBD products are somewhat quite expensive, therefore to avoid getting scammed look into this article to get more aware.  

In this article we'll highlight the top 5 CBD Oil scams that will save you from being scammed: 

A flood of fake CBD products on Amazon and beyond

It's come across publicly that fake CBD products have been sold online and majorly on Amazon and online sites. Most of the products were considered fake, worthless, and a waste of money. Fake CBD brands claim to contain an unnecessary amount of ingredients with high THC content with unsolicited policy. Hence, it's quite important to note the brand, labels, reviews, and ingredients to avoid getting scammed. The companies often give unrealistic health expectations that are beyond measure. Forbes reports declared that organic CBD products should only contain hemp ingredients and no trace of THC. 

Lead-filled CBD products put consumers at risk 

There are CBD products that are often sold online which actively harm consumers and put their health at risk. Not only for animals or pets there are fake products for humans too which are toxic and low-quality. There were reports that some CBD products contain lead. Lead consumption from these products can be harmful to health. Moreover, it can cause permanent neurological damage. This is one of the boldest scams out of all. Therefore, as said, check twice the CBD oil reviews, labels, and ingredients, to avoid any risks. 

The Free Trial Offers Scam 

Under this, the customers used to get a free bottle of CBD and only had to pay the cost of shipping. Some companies even offer samples of their original products to their customers, nevertheless, their samples are never free. The point here is there’s a key difference between a paid CBD sample and a free sample. Many customers became the victims of this scam and end up saying that the products they receive were definitely a waste of money.

During the checkout, they used to fill out the form for subscription and high fees which turned out to be a red flag. So always try to double-check the process. Keeping this in mind, always select CBD oil from a reputable brand. Taking an example of Lazarus naturals, a high-quality vegan oil, the individual can easily customize the order online, add it to the cart, and can easily proceed to check out. According to this example, the process of checking out is followed by filling in necessary information with the final step of payment.

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Copycat Brands

This copycat scam was one of the most blatant in the CBD space. With this scam, an unregistered company takes the name and branding of an established CBD company to confuse people into buying products from their website instead. Now the question is how to spot fake CBD oil which is by knowing the exact brand and manufacturer name before purchasing it. For instance, there were reports that a CBD brand named Royal CBD products were copied due to its popularity and were sold in the markets by other names. Therefore, it's important to spot high-quality CBD oil. Always select high-quality organic CBD oil from the official website. Also, the websites that most of the people follow were fake and not original so the products that they received were imitated and of poor quality. 

Multi Level Marketing CBD Schemes

Multi-Level Marketing - MLM Schemes exist in almost all industries including CBD. The brand ambassadors of a CBD for an MLM company would try to sell oils to their different social networks and attempt to get new ambassadors to sell CBD products under them. Although some may be fair businesses, most are considered CBD pyramid schemes. The companies under this try to make money through brand ambassadors instead of real customers. But the fact is the companies ultimately end up losing more money after a certain period of time. As the products that are sold under this aren't very high-quality and inorganic. 

Final Thoughts 

As the demand for CBD oil is increasing these days, there’s no doubt that these scams will slow down. And it’s no wonder so many people are skeptical about buying a bottle for themselves or even for their pets. Therefore, it's important to notice and research more about the ongoing frauds related to CBD.