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6 Types of Personal Injury Cases

couple involved in car crash with female driver suffering with whiplash injury

The term “Personal Injury’ is describing in itself. Different kinds of accidents can result in personal injuries to your body, mind or emotions. We have prepared a list of some common types of accidents that can lead to physical and psychological kinds of personal injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is recorded that more than 2 million people residing in the US get injured in car accidents. The injured person could be anybody in an accident: a driver, a passenger, rider, cyclist or a pedestrian. It happens most of the time due to negligence and carelessness. Aggressive and speedy driving, hit and run, and taxi cabs and some other accidents come in this category. The laws regarding the car accident cases vary from state to state as to who holds responsibility and who will be compensated.

Motorcycle Accidents

The motorcyclists have more probability of meeting an accident because of speeding, and sometimes they are fatal. These are much like car accidents that can lead to severe injuries. The number of motorcycle riders is also in the millions who get injured.  

In these unfortunate situations, consulting a motorcycle accident attorney can be a key step in securing justice and compensation. These lawyers have a deep understanding of motorcycle laws and can provide guidance on the steps that need to be taken after an accident. They can help gather evidence, liaise with insurance companies, and represent you in court if necessary. Plus, their expertise can provide vital support for injured riders navigating through the challenging aftermath of an accident.

Defective Products Accidents

Toxic food, hazardous drugs, consumer and baby products, dangerous chemicals and materials, medical devices and equipment, low quality and substandard auto parts are considered as defective products. These faulted products can cause you many personal injuries and place of such happening could be home, street, market or workplace.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful deaths arise as a result of medical malpractice, car crashes, negligence of nursing homes, construction site accidents, aeroplane accidents and the consumption of defective products. Some result in death mostly because of the negligence of someone else.

Slip and Fall in Premises

It is another common type of personal injury because slip and fall in the premises will make the building owners or dealers, business owners, etc. The owners or other liable persons are responsible for making their property zero faulted and safe for all.

Spinal Cord Injury

Many people across the country face spinal cord injury, and it is sometimes deadly. Outdoor games and sports accidents, hit by a semi truck or car, and a serious fall from a place can be the primary cause of it.

Other Known Types of Personal Injury Cases

Some other cases also fall in this category like bicycle accident, truck accident, airplane accident, boating accident, underinsured and uninsured, dog bite, defamation, brain, birth and burn incidents, and food poisoning etc. Suppose a medical professional has provided poor treatment and care to you, which has occurred in an injury or worsening of your condition. In that case, you can make an NHS claim compensation.

It is to conclude that in the injury cases as mentioned above, there is a law regarding personal injuries known as ‘personal injury law’ or ‘tort law’ that can enable you to get justifiable compensation. You need to consult with a personal injury attorney often known as ‘tort attorney’. For example, if you are in Oklahoma City do not rely on an insurance company to watch out for you – you need an experienced personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma City.

The rules and laws are different in every state. Particularly, if you are based in Las Vegas and have been injured personally, personal injury attorneys Las Vegas are the best and voted number one attorneys that can help you get maximum compensation. A reasonable compensation can give you quick recovery and focus in life.