10 Of The World’s Best Drone Photos, Out Of 27,000 Contestants

Drones looked like UFOs just a few years back, but during that time they’ve rapidly attained recognition and fame. Now we have awards for best drone photography, such as SkyPixel Photo Contest, which only in 2016 have received 27,000 submissions.

The competition was open to both expert and beginner photographers and was classified into three categories: 360, Beauty, and Drones in Use. The results are rather unbelievable, turning everyday situations into surreal imagery. Encouraging us once again, that the possibility of aerial photography is still far from realized.

#1 Exploration, First Prize In Professional Beauty Category

via Hanbing Wang/SkyPixel

#2 Spillway Selfie, Second Prize In Professional Beauty Category

via Brendon Dixon/SkyPixel

#3 Green Waves, Second Prize In Enthusiast Beauty Category

via Mauro Pagliai/SkyPixel

#4 Fishermen Close The Net, Grand Prize, 2016 Skypixel Photo Of The Year

via Ge Zheng/SkyPixel

#5 Overbridge, First Prize In Enthusiast Beauty Category

via 诚涵/SkyPixel

#6 Rainbow Lines, Honorable Mention

via SkyPixel

#7 City Cool, Honorable Mention

via SkyPixel

#8 A Happy Morning, First Prize In Professional Drones In Use Category

via Roman Neimann/SkyPixel

#9 Honorable Mention

via 汪梓祺/SkyPixel

#10 Dji_0022, Honorable Mention

via Y显龙/SkyPixel

h/t: dyt, guardian, boredpanda