A Photographer Captures Magnificent Landscapes from His 12-day Road Trip

Three years into his photography journey, Michael T. Meyers has built up his strategies and spent the last year traveling across the USA and abroad. This has pushed him to experimentation shooting under different states, along with his growth as a photographer in this brief period is astonishing.

A whole lot has changed for Meyers because we featured his photographs nearly one year ago. “I believe I’ve grown a lot as a photographer, and my social media following has reflected that,” Meyers told to My My Modern Met, “going from around 10k to almost 70k followers on Instagram since your post.” Now, an increasing number of followers flock to see Meyers’ photographs, many taken from two unforgettable excursions he took in the past year–a 12-day street trip around a few of America’s most famous natural landscapes and a trip to Cuba.

Both excursions provided fertile ground for Meyers to experiment, as he further honed his skill in capturing the light and color of every landscape. From long-exposure night photos of this desert into the warm island setting of Cuba, Meyers’ expansion as a storyteller is evident in his new job. And, during his US road trip, he understood he did not necessarily need to travel far to find some unique landscapes to photograph.

“I heard a ton about shooting in various varieties of conditions and much more importantly found first hand just how beautiful this country is. Everyone always seems like they’re in a hurry to leave and traveling abroad to see such amazing places–and for a good reason–there are tons of these in other countries. But there are also some fairly amazing spots here at home too. And it’s amazing how many different types of climates, ecosystems, and landscapes we have and how desperate they all are from each other.”

Instead, Cuba provided a compelling contrast to that which Meyers was utilized to and demonstrated how the power of a camera might lead to some unique encounters with locals. “I was taking a photo of an old automobile (since I did about a million times within the five days I was there) and an older man walked from his house and started speaking with me,” Meyers remembers. “I told him that I had been a photographer and he encouraged my girlfriend and me in my house to show us a photograph he had of his son along with Castro. From a photography standpoint, it is second to none. There is another place on the planet that could be confused for Havana.”

h/t mymodernmet