Alexander Semenov Photographs Extraordinary Creatures from the Depths of the World’s Oceans

If you'€™re like me, the only possible response to these recent photographs by marine biologist Alexander Semenov is "€œWhat is that? What is that?! WHAT IS THAT!?" Semenov is the head of the diving at Moscow State University'€™s White Sea Biological Station where he delivers nearly ten years of underwater photography expertise to a wide selection of investigation and exploration tasks. He focuses mostly on invertebrate animals within the Arctic Ocean: squishy, wiggly, translucent creatures from jellyfish to worms discovered deep underwater, most of which have never been documented with such detail and clarity.

Semenov shares about his work within an artist statement:

My primary specialism is scientific macro photography in natural environments. This practice makes it possible to see animals that cannot be precisely studied under laboratory conditions, including stationary lifeforms living on the seafloor or soft-bodied organisms. My aim is to explore underwater life through camera lenses and to increase people’s interest in marine biology. I do that by sharing all my finding through media events and public lectures, films, exhibitions as well as in real life through media.

Seen here are some pictures from the last year including expeditions to the Southern Kuril Islands, the Southern Maldives, the White Sea, and the Mediterranean, but there'€™s hundreds of additional photos on Flickr.