Artist Creates Fine Art Photography Without Photoshop Manipulations

Today want to share you stunning photos by self-taught art photographer from Slovakia Michal Zahornacky.

Michal states “My biggest passion is to produce Fine Art and conceptual photography. By viewing these photographs you find yourself reminiscing about the realness of the photography and about the post process. In my last projects, I found the beauty and passion of creating photography using no photoshop manipulation. I enjoy preparing real-time scenes. For me, the challenge to create pure Fine Art Photography picture – to be able to show and express my ideas this way – is the biggest accomplishment I have done. The challenge of thinking and creating scenes is very big, difficult, but beautiful the same way. To me, the value of the photograph and my work is then much higher. The preparation phase is long as the objects in my photographs are real and made just to take the picture. In my collection, you can find minimalistic pictures of people, nature, and moody weather.”

via Michal Zahornacky