The Best Photos of The World’s Largest Photography Competition

By Michael Shauer - The Great Outdoors

The creative community EyeEm declared the top 100 pictures from its yearly photography contest, which acquired over 590,000 admissions from over 88,000 photographers in over 150 nations.
The jury includes agents from National Geographic, VII Photo Agency, Refinery29, BBC and much more. The jury judged five classes: The Architect, The Portraitist, The Photojournalist, The Street Photographer and The Great Outdoors.

By Marc Leppin – The Great Outdoors
By Masaki Sato – The Great Outdoors
By Yicheng Xiao – The Great Outdoors
By Guiga Pirá – The Great Outdoors
By Xiao Han – The Great Outdoors
By Justin Edward Okoye – The Great Outdoors
By Anthony Castro – The Great Outdoors
By Uta Lauterbach – The Portraitist
By Angkul – The Street Photographer
By Lennin Ruiz – The Street Photographer
By Maciej Dakowicz- The Street Photographer
By Kimberly Dela Cruz – The Photojournalist
By Md. Enaul Kabir – The Photojournalist
By Pau Buscató – The Street Photographer
By Simon – The Great Outdoors
By Stefano Rulli – The Great Outdoors
By Michael Moeller – The Great Outdoors
By Tim Gaweco – The Photojournalist

By Denise Kwong – The Photojournalist

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