Eerie Photos Depict Striking Neon Nightscapes of Johannesburg

The lingering lights and statistics cast other-worldly shadows across the bodegas and flats, creating a feeling of depression wonder.

Born in France, Elsa Bleda grew up reside in heaps of different cities while growing up together with her artist mom. The mother-daughter duo eventually settled in South Africa when Bleda turned. She was instantly charmed by the nation and turned her aesthetic eye on her new residence.

"Lots of people are afraid of being lonely," Bleda states of her night-time photography habits. "Perhaps they do not understand themselves and being lonely puts them at a lonely condition. For me, I really don't find being alone and being lonely are the exact same thing. That loneliness is exactly what I want to have the ability to clear my head."

The colours in this series were particularly striking.