How to Get The Best Selfie – Things You Don’t Really Think About

Photo by Kaique Rocha

There are plenty of challenges when it comes to taking an awesome selfie. While it might seem like an easy job, kid’s play even to the naked eye, in reality it is a very intense process that requires a lot of skill, finesse, and dedication. Get a better selfie with this guide so that you can impress your friends and stun your admirers, as we tell you what you need to know to obtain that one in a million selfie shot.

Playing with the light

Today’s smartphones come with a ton of options regarding lighting and effects. However, there is nothing that compares to natural light. Many people are very quick to dismiss a magic opportunity that’s probably available only once a day, because they can just use effects to get the light they need. The thing about artificial lighting is that it’s all just post-processing. It’s not actually light impacting your face naturally. Using natural light is the only way to do that.

Dealing with poorly lit environments

A general rule of thumb is to avoid them when trying to take a selfie, but we understand that it’s not always possible. There are however moments when you can easily make things better for yourself, such as stepping out of a large shadow. Wanted to take a selfie under a big tree? How about in front of the tree, where the light can touch your face and make all those pretty features pop? This little difference is key for getting the best results.

Sometimes, you will be in total darkness and the only way to actually make a selfie work is by using the Flash feature. You can get it as part of the Snapchat app but also as an independent app from your phone’s app store. The results aren’t exactly terrific but at least you can see your face.

Taking large amounts of selfies

If you only take one selfie, you’ll rarely be able to enjoy the shot you took. The key is to take as many selfies as you can. Try tilting your head in another way each time, and making simple, slight changes with each shot. At the end, you will have a plethora of selfies to choose from. The only way you will ever have more options when it’s time to post, is if you actually take the time to do a proper selfie session. When you have all those different variations at your disposal, it’s a lot easier to see which one looks best.

Stick to your strengths

Some of your facial features will be better than others, and that’s just how the world is. It’s important to realize this and to play to your strengths when taking a selfie. If you have amazing cheek bones, take selfies from a side-upper angle so they can fully bloom in the photo. If your eyebrows are the main attraction, make sure to capture them in their full glory, from the front. You can play around with shots and angles so that you enhance all of your best features and get a great selfie.

Taking great selfies will also require lots of practice, since it’s not something you’re just good at over night.  However, playing to your strengths and knowing how to make full use of the tools at your disposal will allow you to get better and better with each selfie.