How To Stage Trendy Photos Even If You Are Staying At Home

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Photography always speaks volumes about a person. It has a way of turning dull moments into lively ones. The year 2020 comes with a lot of new trends and themes in photography.

Where and how you take your pictures are essential factors to consider when capturing trendy photos. However, with the recent global lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the option of doing an outdoor photoshoot is now out of the question. Nonetheless, you can still take trendy photos wherever you find yourself.

Here are different ways of staging trendy photos regardless of the surroundings, even if you are just taking them at home.

Keep It Clean

There is no beauty in dirtiness. The first rule of staging trendy photos is to keep the environment sparkling clean. Little details such as cobwebs around the ceiling, dusty window panes, etc. matter a lot in the outcome of your photos.

man in white t-shirt and black pants standing on exercise equipment

To have an eye-catching, “wow” effect in your photos, the first significant aspect to pay attention to is your immediate environment. Clean surroundings will set the tone for everything else in the pictures. As a matter of fact, beauty and messiness can’t survive in the same place.

Pre-Set Your Studio

The area or stage you want to use for your photos is referred to as your studio. So, you can have your studio set even in your home. The secret to having a great studio effect is to pre-plan, pre-set, and pre-arrange it. In pre-setting your photo studio, you must pay attention to all the details.

white soft box and desk

Declutter the area; even if it is clean, a cluttered set will not give your photo the extraordinary effect you are aiming for because everything will look crowded. There will be too much happening in the background, and you will not know what to focus on.

However, with a spruced up and well-arranged set, you can be sure that you will be the main point of focus. Getting all these things right won’t happen without prior planning. So before doing a photoshoot, make sure you plan, organize your surroundings, and ensure that you have the right focus.

Get The Lighting Right

The lighting is a significant factor in an indoor photoshoot. It is one of the things that differentiates a good photograph from a bad one. It brings magic to your photos, and this is why you should pay attention to lightning when staging your home to capture trendy images. Lighting also highlights your features, adding a subtle glint to your pictures.

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Your understanding of lightning is as good as determining the kind of lighting to use and how to position the lights. Artificial lights are usually better for indoor shoots. Nonetheless, if you are going to use natural light, you will have to move the subject of your photograph rather than adjust the light.

Placing the light in front of your subject gives you an almost flat image—no texture, shadow, or depth. However, the same image with lightning from the sides can be transformed into a colorful one, with shadows and really good depth.

black studio light turned on

It’s a shame, however, that most people don’t pay attention to lightning in photography. So the next time you want to set the stage for trendy photos, consider the lightning. It makes all the preparations you have made for the photoshoot pop right out.

Remember The Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds means that you should get the composition right. This rule refers to a simple method of balancing your image. Using the rule of thirds, you divide the image into a 3 x 3 grid. This will bring the image into alignment along the grid lines, and it also helps to create balance.

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To end up with good trendy photos, you must master the principle of the rule of thirds. With the rule of thirds, you practically can’t go wrong with your image.

Let Your Creativity Play

As much as you have arranged and pre-planned your settings, you must never forget the importance of personal creativity and allow yourself some room to play. Don’t limit yourself to the rules and the environment. Instead, try a new angle, play with accessories, and add a dash of color for some vibrant effects.

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It is advisable to be guided when staging trendy photos; however, creativity will set you apart from the crowd. Therefore, always ensure you add a slice of personal creativity to your photographs to lend them a special quality.


In photography, it is suitable to say that less is more, especially if you want to take trendy photos. Don’t ever get so caught up in setting the stage for your photos that you forget this basic principle. Keep it simple, balanced, clean, have some light coming in from the right directions, and finally, add a slice of your creativity. Do all this, and you will be able to create trendy pictures from anywhere, even at home.