Kyra Santoro photographed by Van Styles at the Studio of Dilated Peoples Evidence in Los Angeles 2014 01

Kyra Santoro photographed by Van Styles at the Studio of Dilated People’s Evidence in Los Angeles


“Here is a new Test Shot segment with Kyra Santoro. If you are not familiar with her already, then you’re welcome. I remember meeting her at a Long Beach Agenda Show. It is always rad when girls are just cool, regardless of their status or their looks or whatnot. I appreciate a down-to-earth girl. We had exchanged info and set up a date to shoot. Fortunate for me, I have some really nice friends. Like Evidence who let me shoot some flicks of her in his personal studio at his Venice pad. I thought it was an interesting contrast, since most people have just shot her in swimsuits on a beach somewhere. Changing the setting up for her was fun. It was definitely awesome shooting around the studio and watching her dig through vinyl.” – Van Styles





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