Mysterious Infrared Photography Transforms Alaskan Fjord into Another Planet

Director and photographer Bradley G. Munkowitz, aka GMUNK, captures nature’s majestic beauty in new light—actually. Through infrared photography, he reinterprets the landscapes we believe we understand and transforms them into spots which look like they’re from another planet. Where we had been prepared to see blue waters and green trees are tinged in shades of orange, pink, and purple, with all the low-putting clouds now resembling of steaming lava fields. Each picture is devoid of individuals, but these locales that are forlorn entice brave explorers to waft through the smoke and further onto their coasts.

Tracy Arm is the state’s largest icebergs, together with a fjord off the shore of Alaska, which can be known for the steep rock walls towering over a mile high. On a small vessel towards the place that was visually gorgeous, GMUNK departed in the summertime of 2016 and snapped the graphics using his FujiFilm X – infrared photography filters and T1 IR. Coupled with Nikon manual focus lenses that were vintage, it imbued the scenery with new meaning.

Although InfraMunk vs. Tracy Arm Fjord is awe inspiring, it’s scarcely the end of GMUNK’s exploration into infrared landscape photography.

via Moss and Fog