OCD Pleasing Images Captured by Maria Svarbova in Soviet Era Swimming Pools

Maria Svarbova, a talented photographer, holds a deep interest in the unique and geometric design of older swimming pools, especially those from the Socialist Era in Slovakia, her birthplace. Her photographic work is meticulous and orderly, with each element carefully planned, ranging from the composition to the vibrant hues and dramatic shadows that define each image.

The Distinct Aesthetic of Socialist Era Pools

Svarbova’s fascination with these pools isn’t just about their historical context. The swimming pools built during the Socialist Era showcase a particular architectural style. They often feature stark geometries and a sense of uniformity, reflecting the ideological underpinnings of the era. This historical and cultural significance adds depth to Svarbova’s photographs.

Meticulous Composition and Color

In her artistic process, Svarbova pays close attention to every detail. The positioning of the subjects, the play of light and shadow, and the choice of color palette are all deliberately selected. This precision in composition brings out the striking contrast between the vibrant colors and the rigid environment of the pools.

The Subjects and Their Portrayal

The subjects in Svarbova’s photos are captured mid-movement, yet there’s an absence of playful dynamism typically associated with swimming pools. Instead, the swimmers appear static and emotionless, mirroring the cold, smooth tiles of the pool. This portrayal creates a surreal and somewhat unsettling atmosphere, suggesting a disconnection from the joy and freedom usually found in such settings.

A Futuristic and Surreal Ambiance

Despite the clear historical context of the settings, there’s a futuristic feel to the images. This contrast between past and future adds another layer of intrigue to her work. The settings, while familiar, are presented in a way that feels almost otherworldly, as if the scenes were from a distant, submerged future.

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The Evolution of “In the Swimming Pool”

This series, initiated in 2014, represents a significant portion of Svarbova’s portfolio. Over the years, it has grown and evolved, showcasing various pools and scenarios while maintaining a consistent style and theme. The growth of the series demonstrates Svarbova’s dedication to her theme and her ability to find new ways to express her artistic vision within the confines of these unique spaces.

Exploring Eastern European Influence

Svarbova’s work not only highlights her personal connection to her Slovak heritage but also provides a glimpse into the broader context of Eastern European culture and history. The swimming pools serve as a lens through which viewers can explore a specific aspect of this region’s past.

Engaging with the Audience

For those interested in exploring more of Maria Svarbova’s work, her Instagram offer a comprehensive view of her “In the Swimming Pool” series, along with her other projects. These platforms allow her to connect with a global audience, sharing her unique vision and inviting viewers to delve into the intriguing world she captures through her lens.

Maria Svarbova’s work stands out for its distinctive style and profound thematic depth, making “In the Swimming Pool” a remarkable series in contemporary photography.

“The characters are mid-movement; however, there isn’t any happy playfulness to these,” states Sarbova’s artist statement concerning the undertaking. “Frozen at the article, the swimmers are as cold and smooth as the tiles of the pool…Regardless of the beautiful setting, the images somehow exude a futuristic feeling also, like they were shot someplace completely submerged.”

Maria Svarbova’s “In the Swimming Pool” series is more than just a collection of photographs; it is an exploration of history, culture, and human emotion set against the backdrop of unique architectural spaces. Her work invites viewers to consider the interplay between past and future, emotion and sterility, individuality and uniformity. This series is a testament to her skill as a photographer and her ability to find beauty and meaning in unexpected places.

Key Takeaways

  • Maria Svarbova’s interest in old swimming pools from the Socialist Era reflects a blend of historical and aesthetic appreciation.
  • Her meticulous attention to composition, color, and lighting creates a unique visual style.
  • The portrayal of swimmers in a static, emotionless manner adds a surreal quality to her work.
  • The series evokes a sense of a futuristic and otherworldly setting.
  • “In the Swimming Pool” has grown significantly since its inception in 2014, showcasing Svarbova’s evolving artistic vision.
  • Her work provides insight into Eastern European culture and history.
  • Svarbova’s presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Behance allows for wider audience engagement.

h/t Visual Fodder