OCD Pleasing Images Captured by Maria Svarbova in Soviet Era Swimming Pools

Photographer Maria Svarbova is fascinated with the sterile, geometric aesthetic of old swimming pools, particularly those constructed during the Socialist Era in her native state of Slovakia. Each scene she photos is highly regulated, from the areas of her functions to the vivid colors and striking shadows which compose each shot.

“The characters are mid-movement; however, there isn’t any happy playfulness to these,” states Sarbova’s artist statement concerning the undertaking. “Frozen at the article, the swimmers are as cold and smooth as the tiles of the pool…Regardless of the beautiful setting, the images somehow exude a futuristic feeling also, like they were shot someplace completely submerged.”

The series, In the Swimming Pool, started in 2014 and is now her biggest to date. To view more of her photos centered about Eastern European pools, then visit her Instagram or Behance.

h/t Visual Fodder