Photographer Walks the Streets to Capture the Honest Spirit of Vienna

Munich-based photographer Skander Khlif grew up in Tunisia, where his time was wandering and enjoying the streets of his neighborhood inspired him to take road images up. His new series, Glance of Vienna, sees him shooting on the streets of the capital with his Fuji XPro-2.

Khlif, who frequently operates in Tokyo and Munich, utilizes his photography to recapture the spirit of each urban environment.

“€œI regularly attempt to comprehend the soul of every city. I aim to find what’s unique about everywhere and in regards to the folks dwelling there,”€ Khlif writes via e-mail. “€œVienna is a beautiful city—peaceful and full of crisp, vivid colors.

His road images force us to view the world from another perspective, by seeking details that go unnoticed by the average individual.” Far from postcards and excellent places, I want people to look at things, locations, and people in a different, deeper way.”