Super Chunky Knitted Beds For Pets by Anna Mo

In her newest work, designer Anna Mo creates chunky knitted beds for pets that are available in her Etsy shop Ohhio. Produced from merino wool, the pieces emphasize a bold knitted style and are...



8 Amazing Travel Destinations in Europe

Europe – the old continent they call it. Yes, it is old indeed and full of history and beauty. Being born in Europe is  one of the greatest things because you are just one step away from...


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Designers’ Problems Illustrated In Funny Comics

Designer life isn’t easy, and we have covered that angle several times. But here are some illustrations of the humorous side of designer woes. Creative Market have created #DesignerProblems comics...

Soft Multiple Exposure Photographs By Luke Gram

Canadian photographer Luke Gram creates still images by blending landscape imagery with silhouettes. Using the technique of multiple exposures, he manages to achieve photographs with a gentle touch...

Shift: Comfortable Watch Band for Avid Athletes

Eager athletes always need gear that enables them to evolve and improve their performance. With smartwatches used to help in collecting and delivering torrents of vital information, the traditional...