These 12 Festive Beards Will Set a Christmas Mood

This Christmas, bearded men can show off their well-groomed facial hair in festive style. Shop owner Stephanie Jarstad wanted the spirit of ‘Movember’ to carry through to December, and has done a photo-project to support men’s health and prostate cancer awareness in a fun and


Stunning Photographs of Islands Taken from Space

These amazing space photographs show the world’s islands as they’ve never been seen before. The world feels so different when viewed from above. These stunning photographs of islands were taken by satellite and capture the otherworldly beauty of planet Earth from thousands of miles away.


Soul-Lifting Landscape Photography by Paul Gaffney

Paul Gaffney is an Irish artist who is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD in photography at the University of Ulster in Belfast. Gaffney was selected for the 2013 PhotoIreland Festival’s New Irish Works, a series of solo and group exhibitions which showcased twenty five contemporary


Suspended Object Installations by Nicola Yeoman

Nicola Yeoman contemporary artist from London. She creates cryptic installations by altering and rearranging mundane objects. “Art wasn’t really something I knew anything about, and an artist was just someone that painted. I remember the first modern art gallery I ever went to on a


These Animals Will Teach You How To Be a Good Parent

It’s amazing, if you think about it, that dogs get along with children as well as they do. Creatures large and small teach, delight, and offer a special kind of companionship. Parental love knows no boundaries — this simple truth is equally valid for both


Anamorphic Drawings by Istvan Orosz

Anamorphic drawings are distorted pictures requiring the use of a reflective device to reconstitute the image. István Orosz is a Hungarian illustrator and a master of the technique, hand drawing his images where every straight line is a complex curve.


Detailed Paper Cutouts by Kirie Artist Akira Nagaya

Kirie (切り絵, literally cut paper) is the Japanese art of papercutting. Akira Nagaya is a self-taught artist whose creative roots are, surprisingly, in the culinary world of sushi. Roughly 30 years ago, as a young 20-something, Nagaya was working at a sushi shop. One of


Is Colmar the most charming town in France?

Colmar is a petite all-so-colorful town in Alsace, established by Emperor Charles the Fat back in 884. Today it’s more known as the capital of Alsatian wine – super classy white wine variety. Also, Colmar’s particularly well known for it’s fancy little canals with boats