One Day Young: Portraits of Young Mothers On Their First Day Of Motherhood

Jenny Lewis photographed new mothers with their babies, each less than a day old. Her aim was to pass on a powerful message that childbirth is a positive experience and nothing to be feared. One Day Young is published by Hoxton Mini Press.

Rebecca and Osirisbaby-portrait-10_2962974k

Liana and Archer

Joti and KiranJennyLewis_One_day_Young_03

Hazel and RudyJennyLewis_One_day_Young_04

Clementine and ImogenJennyLewis_One_day_Young_05

Shenelle and ArissaJennyLewis_One_day_Young_06

Leda and Lectra2599605-R3L8T8D-1000-Leda-JennyLewis_1vH33Ob

Tara and Penelope2599805-R3L8T8D-1000-tara-02_1vBCELb

Jane and Lili2600155-R3L8T8D-1000-jhanne-17_1vxwGwb

Idoya and Nahia15319260-R3L8T8D-1000-IDOYA-02_1wWwVlb

Xanthe and Louie


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