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Big Muskills Artwork

This is a collection of my Digital Artwork. Larger images are available at my website. I specialise in automotive art, focussing on retro and classic vehicles but I also do certain modern cars. I am hoping to extend my gallery with famous movie posters and

Audi готовит Urban Concept

Представители Audi раскрыли первые секреты своей новой модели, которая будет представлена на мотор-шоу во Франкфурте в сентябре. Это концепткар Urban Concept. Новый концепт компании Audi развивает идею автомобиля Etron — спортивного купе с электрическим двигателем. Но у Urban Concept совершенно другой тип и форма кузова,

Geneva Motor Show – Cars for Rich People

Geneva Motor Show has always been famous for its wealth by the number of luxury cars. This year is no exception. In 2011 our pleases the eye and concept from BMW called BMW Vision ConnectedDrive and Infiniti with ultramodern and seemingly very airy Etherea.